Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rebecca's Journey - 73

Wednesday, 22 February

Dear Friends,

Paul here! I returned last week from two and a half weeks in the US/Canada. During this trip I was able to visit, among others, my mother, some of our children, and Wade & Karen in DC. I leave again tomorrow, with Susannah, for the Balkans.

While I was gone, Rebecca was well cared for by Judy, Annie, Susannah, and some local friends.

From Rebecca: "The last days before Paul's return were difficult and somewhat stressful. This left me depleted, vulnerable, and weary. I found myself facing anew the reality of my present 'prison' - longing to walk up our street, or around the lake, and feel the spring beginning to come. I wanted to go and visit my children, and felt so desperately the ocean between us.

"Then one morning I wakened and, before the dawn broke, a little bird began to sing. Its warbling notes spoke to me of spring, and thankfulness began to fill my soul. Oh, such thankfulness for Paul's love and care, for Annie's gentle administration, for Judy's constant love and service; thankfulness for all those who care for my needs; thankfulness for all of you who pray and carry me, even through these dark moments; thankfulness for our children; thankfulness, most of all, for the reality in my soul of the Lord Himself. As this thankfulness continued to well up within me, joy replaced the darkness of the days before. His call and purpose for my life today overwhelmed the longing for that which I don't have.

"I remembered what He had spoken to us years ago through C.S. Lewis: to guard our hearts, setting them firmly on what He has given, not sending them after what is not ours for today. When I long for that which I don't have, it makes the joy of what I do have to be insipid.

"I think I've spoken of this before with you, but I felt so strongly to speak of it again, that the Lord would make us be a people who are filled with gratefulness and thankfulness for that which we have, for what He has given.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6."

Our love to you all, and our thanks for your faithful prayers.

Paul & Rebecca