Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rebecca's Journey - 119

Dear Friends,

In my quiet moments before the Lord this morning I had a particular friend who kept coming into my thoughts. I prayed for her and went on with my Bible reading. My thoughts went back to her, so I prayed again. After the third time, I took the paper I keep beside me and wrote her name with a note to call her.

Later, in the afternoon before beginning work on my computer I gave her a call. It turned out that she was fighting depression and heaviness. After speaking just a few minutes the phone cut off. In the time as I waited I turned my heart to pray and realized the Lord was already praying for her. How real it is that Jesus is always at the right hand of the Father praying for us--"ever living to intercede." Immediately the phones came on and I called her back, "I am better, as soon as we shared and the phone went dead I realized that my soul was settled!"

There is great power in our fellowship. At the moment when darkness seems to cloud our thoughts reaching out to someone to pray breaks the power of the enemy. Jesus is already praying and when we agree together with Him it is a powerful force.



PS From Paul!

Exciting news for us: Phillip and Josie are expecting their first child in April! The new year will be a delight with two new grand-children.

This autumn will also be a delight with a number of friends visiting and helping with Rebecca's care. Gordon and Selena Green, from Canada, will be here next week. Then Dr. Timothy and Sharon Henry, and their son Peter, arrive on the 16th for several weeks. Sheila Cole comes on 25 November for 3 + weeks, helping care for Rebecca. And our son Stephen will arrive around 15 December. Family and friends are God's great gift to us all.

And more news: Rebecca's book is now available in the UK and Europe. You'll find purchase information at www.gabriellapress.com. The book is nearly ready in the US but a publishing glitch has delayed it. We'll let you know as soon as it is available.