Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 91

23 August, 2007

Dear Friends,

Rebecca has written most of this note, but I wanted to begin with our expressions of gratitude for your faithful support.

Last week I returned from our most recent gathering of the Middle East Project in Oslo. These are amazing people, who have made an amazing commitment to one another and to us. The sturdiness of their relationships is quite remarkable in the midst of regional conflicts. They have decided on a project: Ethics in Conflict, which they will design and then present to gatherings like the Model United Nations, and on university campuses, in the region and in Europe.
Preparations for both the Vienna Gathering in October and the EPB the end of November are going well. The Dutch Prime Minister will be the speaker at this year's EPB - a strong, committed, and articulate believer. The Moderator will be the President of the Parliament - a German brother and friend.

From Rebecca: "Yeah Mom! You did it!" It was our daughter Susannah greeting us as we came in the door from our 10 day trip. Paul is the only man I know who would take his quadriplegic wife on a road trip. As many of you know, at the end of June, we went to Scotland and England. It was quite an adventure as we went by ferry across the channel in both directions. We visited friends from the Parliament so that we not only had a great time together but also sowed to our relationship with them.

As you know, we have a wonderful support team around us here at home. Annie and Sharon Henry went with us on our trip. Sharon finished her three months here at the end of that time and has returned to Congo. Annie, as you know, lives here with us and is our constant support and strength. Mary Beth Kopechek has just joined us and will be here for the next three months. She is already a delight and joy. How blessed we are in these young women.

Since returning, we have had a number of visitors, including two Israeli friends who are involved in the ME Program and who were with Paul in Oslo. I have had some time to rest. Paul is working hard toward preparation for his gathering of European leaders this autumn, and will be leaving next week for the States.

We want to thank you for your faithful support and standing with us. How we love Europe, and what God is doing here. We trust that you have come to love it as well. We are standing together to make a difference.

Love from us both,

Paul & Rebecca