Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rebecca's Journey - 130

Dear Friends,

This is Paul! Some of you may be aware that one week ago today Rebecca sustained a multiple fracture in her right femur. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and had surgery on Tuesday. Someone from our household has been here with her 24/7, and the hospital staff have been good. She will be released tomorrow. I have the support of the medical personnel for me to take her directly home, instead of the initial plan for her to go to a rehab center for 6 weeks. We'll be able to take good care of her at home. Susannah and Marta will arrive next Friday for a week.

Judy arrives in a few hours, so we'll have a full complement of care-givers. And I've canceled my trip to the States during this period.

I'm in the hospital with R now, and was taking dictation for a note to some friends. Her comments seemed so true and relevant that we've decided to put them here, in R's J.

Rebecca: Thank you for your wonderful faithfulness. Would you please pray for my strength. I feel a deep tiredness. It will be good to get home, and be able to rest properly.

There is a lovely detail that Father took care of, before we even knew we needed it. Jordon Johnson was here as my care-giver for three months last year, and left in November. Then we had a lovely gal from Sweden who came for 2 months. We didn't realize what Father had done in having Jordon come back so quickly. It was perfect for this situation. She knows everything about how to take care of me. We already have a lovely relationship. Right now in the condition I'm in, I could never have trained a new care-giver. Jordon has just slipped in and taken over my care.

Our weather earlier today was very cold, and this morning there was dense fog. I said to Jordan, in the winter in Belgium, when we have this dense fog, it is always followed by a beautiful sunny day.

The sun just now fell across my bed, brilliant rays, as always, have done their work and conquered the fog. So it is with God. When the fog of confusion and lack of understanding (This has been a week of extreme pain; there have been moments when I wondered what in the world Father was doing.) floods over my mind, He is always faithful to be the sun and burn through, bringing clarity and peace.

Paul again! The physical therapist just arrived, so I'll finish the note.

I've said to our children and friends that God's promise, all things working together into His plan for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, is not a post-facto promise to be tacked onto the end of a negative experience. It is the way we are to view life, anticipating the goodness of God in the land of the living. We've found that goodness is principally reveled in Peace that passes understanding, His very own Peace flowing from Him in us. And in joy, which is sourced in Him, not in our circumstances. That is the goodness of God in the land of the living!

Our love to all,
Paul and Rebecca

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rebecca's Journey - 129

Dear Friends,

It is another January, the beginning of a new year! As you know, I like to know what the Lord is saying to me for the coming year and, particularly, if there is something He would like me to do in the coming year. So I spend the month of January with my ears attuned, expecting to hear from Him.

The other evening Annie was sharing, remembering an experience that she had had during my recovery process after my accident. We were in England at that time, and I was in the middle of the surgeries for which we had gone to London. The success rate was very low and my chances of survival lower still. Paul and Annie were waiting together and Paul turned to Annie and said, "Whatever the result of today may be, one thing I know, God is good and He does all things well".

The morning after Annie and I had remembered this event, with Annie's words still ringing in my heart, I came to second Samuel 9:3 where David said: "Is there not still someone in the house of Saul to whom I may show the kindness of God?" As I read those words my heart leapt. Oh yes Lord, I want, this year, to show the kindness of God to all whom You bring into my life.

And so I leave these two thoughts with you for the coming year: "OUR GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD", and "TO WHOM MAY I SHOW THE KINDNESS OF GOD?"

As some of you know, none of our children were able to be with us for Christmas. Early in December in my quiet time I had a really good cry about that. Then I knew I must put that away and go on and see what God would do for us. Our holiday was greatly blessed in each moment. Our house was filled with good friends and the abundance of Father's provision and care. I trust now we are all ready to go into the New Year and to see what good things the Father has for us to do.

With my love to you all,