Sunday, September 05, 2010

Rebecca's Journey - 126

Dear Friends,

This week I was faced with the realization that I was not able to do what God was calling me to do. That is not a bad thing. When I can't do it, He wants to do it for me, in me, through me. I have been studying the Gospel of John lately, and in the 1st chapter he explains it clearly in verse 14 and 16. "... the only begotten of My Father, full of grace and truth...and of His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace." Grace is so much more than God's undeserved favor. It is God meeting me at the point of my need and doing through His power and provision what I cannot do myself. Oh what a wonder that I am able, in my weakness, to receive His grace upon grace, doing in me what I cannot do myself. What a wonderful perspective! What a wonderful reality! I am able to approach the future confident that what He calls me to do, He will do in me. When the time comes for the dinner party, with new Parliamentarians, I will have the strength and I will be able to be in that situation all that He desires me to be.

Just this week, I had a wonderful experience with a young man who has been my physical therapist this summer while my regular one was on vacation. I have had opportunity through the months to share who Jesus is, and what He has done and is doing in my life. Yesterday was the last day and I prayed I would be able to bring some conclusion. As he said goodbye, Philippe (not his real name) began to thank me and say how much he would miss being with me. Then I reminded him that GOD is real, and how much He loved him. He said goodbye and walked out of the room. Immediately, I realized I needed to speak again specifically about Jesus! But Philippe was gone; it was too late... Oh, I heard his voice again in the kitchen... a knock on the door. He came in. "Did I leave my jacket here?" "No, but I'm so glad that you came back. I forgot to tell you the most important part! When the day comes and you need to know the reality of God's love, go to Jesus. He is the one who promises to reveal the Father to us". He smiled, leaned down and kissed me. "Thank you, I will remember." As he turned and left the room I felt excited, because I knew he left with the Holy Spirit hovering over him and drawing him to the Father. I could leave him with the Lord, the One who is full of grace and truth, and He is able to bring that grace and truth to him.

It is a wonderful relief, and ever-good reminder, that the weight of doing is not on me, but as I rest in Him, and am willing, grace and truth come from Him and He brings grace upon grace in my life to touch the lives of others and do in me what I cannot do myself.

As you go into your autumn schedule rest in His unfailing grace. He will do in you what needs to be done. May you receive grace upon grace for all that He is calling you to do.



PS By the time you read this, Phillip, Josie, and their baby, Gabriel, should have arrived, followed a bit later by Susannah and her little Marta. What a joy to have them here.

Greetings! This is Paul. Just a quick request for prayer. Our present, delightful, care-giver, Jordan, from OK, will be departing Brussels on 16 November. Rebecca will need a care-giver from then to just before Christmas, when some of our children will arrive. And then the next slot, from early January to early April, is still open. Please join us as we hold this before the Father, seeking His plan and provision