Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rebecca's Journey - 125

Dear Friends,

Just a short communication to you on this lovely summer day! As I was at the bottom of the garden this morning, it came to me that many of you will be heading off to vacation, or may already be gone. As I began in my worship (I always begin my time with Him with thanksgiving and praise), I started to sing how much I loved Him. He quickly reminded me "Huh! You only love me because I loved you first." And I stopped to think of His love for me, and I wept, and the reality washed over me of how loved I am. Can you believe it? I'm a twisted, able-to-do-nothing quadriplegic, and before the foundation of the world, He chose me (Eph. 1:4), He said "I'll take this one." And here I am today, precious in His sight and loved (Is. 43:4). I love those verses. Isn't He delightful? And He loves me. And He loves you. As you go on vacation, I felt one thing, that He wanted you to meditate on the fact that you are loved. Meditate on His love. And out of that, your love for Him will come. Bless you. May your summer be rich, full of barbecues, beaches, and a deep knowledge of the love of God.

All my love,


P.S. I know you will rejoice with us that He has answered our request for a caregiver. Jordan Johnston from Oklahoma will be coming at the end of August for three months. Father's faithfulness and Jordan's willingness is a joy and blessing.