Friday, April 03, 2009

Rebecca's Journey - 111

As you know from reading earlier letters, I love the beginning of months, and my favorite beginning is April. The garden is magical. The Mirabella is in full bloom--a cloud of white blossom. The daffodils are marvelous and the pear tree, right outside my window, is ready to burst into bloom.

These days I find myself with praise welling up. Surely He calls us to Himself, and when I come near to Him, I cannot help but praise.

After the accident, six months in the hospital, and a year in rehab, it was finally time for me to come home. We realized there was no place in our house for me to "be." We decided to build a new room. Fortunately, we had space in the back garden. My room was designed and soon became a reality. Paul had said that since I loved the garden, I must live there. So they built my room with two walls of windows. On the south side, the pear tree is so close that one can reach out the window and touch it. At the time of the construction, the architect said, "That pear tree has got to go; it is too close." I disagreed and asked that it might stay. It has thrived!

In all of this, I am reminded of Psalm 42:8. "The Lord commands His loving kindness in the day, and in the night His song will be with me." "Command" is such a strong verb, requiring action to be taken for good toward us. And in the night, when my door closes and I am alone, my room becomes my sanctuary. When I am unable to sleep, His song is there. I love those times! I sing and sing. Now I have never been a musician, so it is truly a "joyful noise." I always have the sense of Father's pleasure as we fellowship together.

As we begin this new month, I pray that you will have the perspective of Psalm 42:8. May you have eyes to see His loving kindness towards you, and the ability to recognize and pull up that song that is hidden in your heart. May the joy of spring and of new beginnings be yours today.



Hi, this is Paul. We are now just 6 weeks away from Susannah's wedding. It will be in Skopje, Macedonia--and Rebecca will go. She will fly down, and some friends will drive her van down. The friends in Macedonia are being wonderfully helpful.

And, Rebecca's book, "Falling Into His Grace" ... I know hope deferred makes the heart sick. :<) But we do anticipate that the book will be on the market this spring. The last editing, which was done in December, resulted in changes in the book that have taken a while to implement. But it will come!