Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 85

14 March, 2007

Greetings Friends,

I wanted to give you an update on Rebecca's care. A dear and long-standing friend, Sharon Henry, has arranged to come and help take care of Rebecca for the next several months. She is married to Dr. Timothy Henry, who heads a medical work in Central Congo. Their son, Peter, will stay with Sharon's family in Dallas during the time Sharon is here.

Thank you Sharon, Timothy, and Peter! And thank you Father!

Timothy and Sharon lived here, actually just down the street, in '95 & '96 while he was completing his Tropical Medicine course in Antwerp. And they have visited periodically, so Sharon knows the area and speaks French.

One other thought! I don't usually share my spiritual musings in Rebecca's Journey, but one verse in Philippians has been very nourishing for me lately, Phil. 2:1: "If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ..." I've meditated on this for days.

What deep, broad and substantive encouragement we have from being united with Jesus! And it's not the IDEA that is encouraging, it is the living REALITY.

Being united with Jesus! The One who loves us, and gave Himself for us, lives IN us by His Spirit. He's not far away waiting to be called to action on our behalf. He's closer than our breath. Courage, heart, confidence, endurance, strength, anticipation of His good purpose, etc., all emerge inside us from His life in us.

More importantly this union gives us opportunity for deep fellowship with Him, as He progressively integrates our lives with Himself. It's above and beyond what we could have imagined. And there's more to come! Great encouragement!

Love from Rebecca and me,


Friday, March 09, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 84

9 March, 2007

Greetings Friends,

Spring is coming here. The star magnolia at the back of the house is starting to bloom; the jonquils are up; the tulips and daffodils are 8 inches high; and the azalea bush in the front of the house is in full bloom, a lovely pink against the white of the house. Spring always reminds me of resurrection life after the "death" of winter.

Judy is now back in the US for 2 months. And we are still praying for the person who will take Jessica's place when she departs on 10 April. Several friends are praying about stepping into this gap. Please do continue to pray with us about this.

From Rebecca:

"For we are His workmanship ('His poem' in one translation), created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them." Eph. 2:10.

When I read this verse this week my heart leapt. I have normally focused on the first part, rejoicing that I was "His poem." But this time, I saw "...good works which God prepared BEFOREHAND..." He has gone ahead of me in all that He calls me to do.

I remembered an experience that I had when I was in Intensive Care. I had had an examination that was extremely painful. Afterwards, to my horror, they said they had to repeat the process. As I faced the second procedure, I was frightened and filled with dread. While waiting for the 2nd exam I glanced over my left shoulder and became aware of Jesus' presence. He was young and strong. As I watched, in this "vision" the doctor did the same procedure on Him. He looked over at me and said, "I will always go before you."

Our Susannah is starting a new part time job and as I prayed for her in this new situation, I realized that the Lord Jesus had "works which He had prepared beforehand" for her to do in that place. And He had prepared them long ago; all she has to do is walk where He has gone before.

Very often, when I go out for an appointment or outing, I feel anxious. I am afraid I won't have the strength to do what will be required. But, every time it goes well and I have all that I need. Every time He goes before me, preparing where I should roll. What a delightful confidence we have in Him who is revealing Himself to a lost world through our "good works."

As you go about your week, we pray that you would go in confidence and awareness that He has walked before you and He will reveal Himself in all that you do."

Paul again! Our son Stephen will be coming for his week of spring break from 18 to 25 March. (Thank God for frequent flier miles!) We can't wait to see him.

Love from us all here,