Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rebecca's Journey - 100

Dear Friends,

Rebecca and I send our greetings! A transition has once more taken place. Mike and Sue Shirley have returned to the US. Our deepest thanks to them! It was wonderful to be together again after 40 years.

And Amber Compton arrived a few days ago. She'll be with us until the autumn. We've known her family for at least 30 years. She is another jewel that the Lord has sent.

Please be praying with us now for the care-givers the Lord will send in the autumn. Amber will be leaving early September. And the Lord has another jewel to send.

From Rebecca:

I've been in my garden this morning. I wore a light jacket - and it was too heavy! We are having beautiful summer days. Paul has hung a peanut bird feeder in the pear tree just outside my window. Yesterday the birds found it, and it is swarming with baby birds. This time of year the garden is alive with a cacophony of birdsong. It truly has become a sanctuary.

This past week has been another one of our transition weeks. Pray for us as these are always days of adjustment. Mike and Sue Shirley have finished their time and gone back to the States. They were such a blessing, and we thank the Lord for their lives. Amber Compton has come from Suffolk, Virginia. She is a daughter of our long-time friends Sam and Jennie Compton. Amber has just finished university and will be with us for three months. She is learning all the details of my care very quickly, and is a positive, caring, and delightful young lady. How can we be so blessed! And how thankful we are for Annie's faithful service and Judy's care and cooking in the kitchen!

Last night Amber and I were together just before turning out the lights. A merle noire (alpine blackbird) began to sing. Such a beautiful song! We were delighted. A few minutes later, we began to pray, thanking the Lord for the day and for His goodness. It swept over me as a fresh new reality: while we were delighted by the bird songs at the close of the day, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit were delighted with our prayer. Perhaps the Father said to Jesus, "O come quickly, they're singing an evening song."

Our prayers together are an expression of our delight and joy in Him. Over and over again the scriptures admonish us to be full of joy. He wants this to be one of the primary expressions of our lives. I don't know about you, but for me it's a miracle. My soul is not naturally joyful. When His love is deep and real (John 15) then joy is the result. You don't have to do anything, it just happens. It's like a deep well that gushes up. Some mornings when I wake up with heaviness, I go into His presence and He reminds me of how precious I am to Him. I leave that quiet hour, oh, and the joy is gushing. I am loved! I am precious! I am secure. How can one help but be joyful?

I think that this joy is one of the most outstanding things to our nurses. They can't figure us out. How can a household be so full of joy? (That doesn't mean we don't have our moments :<). How can someone in my situation experience joy? One nurse said the other evening, "This place is weird. I can't figure you all out." But she loves us and we love her. What an exciting adventure for us all.

This summer Paul and I will be staying pretty close to home. You know that suits me well. I'm sure many of you have lots of different plans. My prayer for you is that He will be the thread throughout. On your vacations, and in your gardens, and in your workplaces, He'll meet you in a special way. He'll be there with you, your families, and friends. He'll be the thread and His joy will overflow.

Love from us both,

Rebecca and Paul