Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 90

21 July, 2007

Greetings Friends!

Today is Belgium's Independence Day - lots of fire-works last night.

Bill & Dorothy Leal are here. Dorothy is editing Rebecca's book. They've made significant progress, and are working on a final draft right now. It's been wonderful having Bill & Dorothy here.

Mary Beth Kopechek arrived last week for 3 months of caring for Rebecca. She is a sweetheart. Coming from a doctor's family with 10 children, she's been well prepared for the activity level and numbers of people at our home.

Susannah Coll has been here for a month now, with about 3 weeks left in her time. She has been a delight and a wonderful help. We've been blessed with precious friends and their precious children.

Susannah Petrie is now on the 6 week break at the Parliament and will visit family and friends in the States during her vacation time, returning late August to start her Master's program and to continue working at the Parliament.

From Rebecca: These are day's full of activity and the grace of God! I have been greatly blessed to have Dorothy here. She is working me hard :<). We are moving efficiently through the material and have the first copy of the manuscript. Please pray with us now as we face what may be the greatest challenge of the process - finding a publisher. We know God has the situation in hand, and we look forward to seeing what doors He will open.

This week, in reading Psalm 62, I saw it in a new fresh way: seeing from beginning to end in one sequence.

"Truly my soul silently waits for God; from Him only comes my salvation." Here I see a waiting before the Lord, knowing full well that only He can bring about what we need. Only from Him comes the wisdom or strength, grace, or change of heart. He is our Salvation!

Then in verse 5 David says: "My expectation is from Him." As David waits in need, he turns and poises himself toward the Lord. How often have I poised myself toward other people, or toward myself, or towards circumstances? My expectation was in other directions. But here David makes it so clear. Poised toward Him, my expectation for my needs to be met, my salvation is toward God alone.

And in verse 11 (I'd never put this all together before), it says: "God has spoken once, twice I have heard this; that power belongs to God. Also to You O Lord, belongs love". The One towards whom is my expectation is all powerful and all loving.

What would be the good of waiting in expectation for someone who couldn't help, or wouldn't help, who didn't have the strength or care enough to want to help? But the One to whom we look is able and loving. And we are safe. I've been comforted all week resting in these words. And when I've been tempted to have expectations toward other places, I remembered that my expectation is toward the Lord who loves me and is able.

I've been greatly encouraged by our trip to Scotland and England. I've been encouraged by wonderful friends and the reality of the care-givers God's given. I've been encouraged by your prayers and faithfulness.

Love from us both,

Paul & Rebecca

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 89

12 July, 2007


Many thanks for your prayers during our trip. The friends whom we visited were most gracious, and Rebecca had strength for her journey. Annie and Sharon were remarkable, wonderful, and necessary care-givers and traveling companions. We couldn't have done it without them

From Rebecca: How can we say what your prayers have meant for us during these last days? When I got home Susannah greeted us with" "Your did it!
You did it!" And, quite honestly, I can hardly believe we did. I'm so aware that it was by His strength, Paul's encouragement, and your prayers.

We were on the ferry on our way to Scotland, and I laughed to Paul: "You are the only man I know who would take his quadriplegic wife on a road trip." I had such grace and strength for each day.

Our first stop was with dear friends in Scotland. We visited beautiful gardens and sat in their lovely parlor by the fire and had tea, and shared delightful fellowship. They had arranged for my room on the ground floor in a hospital bed - perfect care for ever detail.

Then we went on to the north of England where we were with more dear friends. This normally 3 1/2 to 4 hour trip was stretched into 7 hours by road work and an accident. It was a long time to sit in my wheelchair in the car, but His strength again was sufficient.

Here I had my first formal opportunity to speak publically again since my accident - and it went very well. The trip from there to the ferry for our return was through beautiful Yorkshire countryside. We came back home again on the overnight ferry.

I remembered all along the Scripture that the Lord gave me while I was anticipating the journey. You remember that it was a stretch for me to even imagine. He gave me Psalm 44:3, "But they did not gain possession of the land by their own sword, nor did their own arm save them; but it was Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your countenance, because You loved them." What a good perspective we have to know that He goes before us, and will enable us to do what, in our own strength, we could never do.

We're home now, and I'm back in my own room and garden. Mary Beth Kopechek, my new care-giver, arrived today. Sharon has returned to the Congo (We miss her so. She has been a wonderful gift from the Lord.) Susannah Coll has been visiting and helping in the interim. It is again one of those seasons of change. I am tired, but the Lord is helping us well.

Thank you again for standing with us.


Paul & Rebecca