Friday, December 14, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 95

14 December, 2007

Dear Friends,

"My heart is steadfast O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise...
Awake, my soul! I will awaken the dawn."

Here in, Psalm 37, David tells us to sing to the Lord early in the morning and begin our day with praise and worship. One morning long ago in Bethlehem a baby boy was born. When this Child was given to mankind, the joy was so great that Heaven could not contain it and the angels burst forth to earth to sing praise and to worship, "Glory to God in the Highest...".

These days before Christmas, in my early morning hours, I find the angels' joy overflowing in my praise. I love using the traditional Christmas carols, along with made-up "carols" of my own. I'm always a little embarrassed when I realize that the girls in the kitchen sometimes hear me. But aren't we thankful that I can sing! It truly is a "joyful noise", but I believe my Father loves it and we rejoice together.

In these days before Christmas, when so much of the sound coming to our Father's ears is of disaster and tragedy, let us all bring joy to Him and join the angels with our singing and praise.

We at our household pray for you and yours a most blessed and rich celebration of our Savior's birth.

All my love,


From Paul!

We have some wonderful personal news. Our son, Matt, and his wife, Stephanie, will give birth to their first child in May. And thus present us with our first grand child! We are all thrilled and overjoyed, as any of you who are grand parents can understand. I have such vivid memories of Matt's birth in Germany in 1973. The doctors put him in my arms immediately after his birth. His little face and his expressions are indelibly printed on my memory - like it was yesterday. Now he and Steph will have a child of their own, and the same great joy!

Also, the Lord has again faithfully provided a care-giver for Rebecca for this next season. Abigail Walk arrives in Brussels, with her mother, Robin, on 11 January. Robin will stay for a few days. Abigail will be here for two months. And we are so grateful.

Please be praying with us for the next season, from early March. We, as yet, have no idea who may come at that time. But He does, so we are at rest.

Love, and a blessed and Happy Christmas,