Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 88

1 June, 2007

Dear Friends,

On 27 June Rebecca and I will begin her first extended trip outside of Belgium since her accident in 2001. Susannah, Sharon Henry, and Annie will accompany us. We'll drive from home to Ostend, a port one and a half hours north of us. From there we'll take an over-night ferry, which is handicapped equipped, arriving the next morning in Edinburgh, Scotland. Then we'll drive about 30 minutes to the home of some dear friends. The husband is an MEP. We'll stay with them until Monday, 2 June, when we'll drive down to northern England to visit other dear friends, a former MEP. Here they've arranged a gathering at which Rebecca and I will share. Then on Thursday, 5 July, we'll drive to the coast and take another over-night ferry home.

It will be quite an adventure for Rebecca. She's excited, and a little apprehensive regarding her strength for such a foray. Her thoughts are

Rebecca: We worked together and got all my pillows in order; I was comfortable for the night. Annie kissed me, "Sleep well and feel free always to call if you need me." She turned out the light. I could feel that sleep was far from me... the coming trip to Scotland and England in - oh, Lord, could it be? - less than a month! This morning, in my quiet time, the Lord had spoken and said, "Be wise!" I knew what He meant. As always, when Father speaks He says a few words and the meaning is profound in my soul. Faith and courage come for whatever He has spoken.

I understood that the season was changing. In some ways, my years of quiet at home are coming to an end. It is time to start turning out, to begin anew, and I must be wise. You can imagine that I've been fearful, not knowing if I am able to do the coming trip. But now I'm peaceful. There is courage and faith. Somehow there will be strength as I need it. I spent the next two hours planning and thinking, anticipating with joy my coming visit with my friends and traveling again with my beloved Paul.

I shall fast breakfast in preparation. It's not much, Lord, but I feel like it's what You're saying. I want to "sharpen my tools" in preparation for the coming days. It has been five and a half years since the accident. During this time I have been passive - acted upon. It's been a season of pain and brokenness, and a time that I now see as one of preparation. I had imagined that Father would leave me in my quiet garden for the rest of my life. But years of preparation are always for increased fruitfulness. And as I turn this corner, I need to have my eyes open, and be wise.

As I write this, I feel very vulnerable. Thoughts rush upon me: "What if I can't do it? - and now I've told everybody." Oh, Lord, I leave all that with You. You are faithful, and as surely as You call us, You will enable us to do it. God never calls us anywhere that His grace won't keep us. How thankful I am for each of you and for your love, support, and prayer.

Paul again! We hope to get another Journey out before we leave. I'll be out of town for about 10 days, and we have a number of guests coming, so please do pray for the preparation.

Love to you all,

Paul & Rebecca