Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rebecca's Journey - 124

Dear Friends,

All the windows are open; the weather is magnificent (albeit very hot). No, we don't have air conditioning, few homes in Europe do. We have very few days in the summer when the temperature soars, as it has today, into the 90's. But we are not complaining, and are enjoying the sunshine and the summer. This evening we will all retreat with guests to the bottom of the garden under the huge Mirabella tree (a delicious little plum) where we will have a bonfire and cook sausages for our dinner.

After my accident in 2001 and the subsequent nearly two years in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, I finally came home in 2003. We were all so happy! But it wasn't long until we realized we had to have more help. Truly, everyone was overwhelmed. I had to have a full time person to take care of me through the day, and even the night (with a beeper system). As we prayed about it, the Lord spoke to me and said, "It would be My good pleasure to provide these ones for you." And such glorious provision it has been! I really could write a book on all of the caregivers He has given and the gift each one has been. My latest friend and helper (they truly become my hands and feet) is Judith Currie from Mobile, Alabama. She is a delight and joy and strength to me. The other day, she mentioned her blog and that she had written about her time here. I asked to read it. As we read together, I knew it was something you would love to read. She agreed and we send it now to you.

Judith's first blog:
"I have now been here in Belgium for 4 days, and it has been good. It is beautiful here. The Petries did an incredible job of welcoming me and helping me feel comfortable. And I overlapped a couple days with the previous caregiver, Mary Beth Kopechek, who I already knew, so that also tremendously helped with learning everything. And it has been good to be with her. Rebecca is a quadriplegic, and most of my role is being with her and caring for her. It is a lot to remember and a bit draining, but it is incredible to be with her and her husband, Paul, and get to know them. Rebecca is delightful. She is so gracious and appreciative, and very patient with me as I'm learning everything. We are already getting very close. I am amazed at her closeness to the Lord and how it enables her to embrace life and her situation positively. Her accident has completely changed her life and the life of her family. Yet, they have all adjusted and done what they need to support each other and continue on. It really is encouraging to be around people of such great faith. I'm excited that the Lord gave me the opportunity to build friendships like these.
I haven't gotten out of the house very much yet, as I'm still feeling things out and learning my position here. But from what I've seen, the town of Genval where they live, right outside of Brussels, is quite quaint and gorgeous. Over the course of my time here I will have time to get out and see a little bit more of Belgium.
I am grateful for everyone's prayers. I made it here safely and smoothly, and the transition has gone quite well and I believe a lot of it is because people have been praying.

I read this morning Psalm 16:2, "I say to the Lord, 'You are my Lord, I have no good apart from you.'" And I feel like that is something I am learning to grasp, that He is my good. In the moments where I miss everyone at home, and it's hard, and I'm uncomfortable, I have to learn that He is enough; I have to know Him as "my only good." So, prayer would help in this area. Also that I would retain all the information involved in caring for Rebecca. And that God would help me be totally here, mind and heart, involved in these relationships.
This is just the beginning. I know there are good things to come. Judith"

You see this little glimpse of my new friend. Isn't the Lord amazing? He has prepared for us all that we need. If you are in a moment of waiting for that provision, then set your mind on things above where you are seated in Him whose name is Love. "It is His good pleasure" to provide and His timing is always perfect. Until then, He is your good (Psalm 16:2).

My love to you all,


PS from Paul: Many of you know that Phillip & Josie Petrie had their first child several weeks ago. His name is Gabriel Paul - an angel to be sure! Stephen and Sarah Petrie will have their first baby, a girl, in late September. The plans are for all of the kids, their spouses, and the grandkids to be here for Christmas. What joy!