Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rebecca's Journey - 87

21 May, 2007

Greetings, Friends!

I've been gone, twice, since we sent out the last Journey. Thank you for your prayers for both Rebecca and me. How would we manage life if we were alone? The Father created a Body for His Son, of which we are all a part. He's joined us together - different members for different purposes. But always that we might be "together" in Him with some to whom He's joined us. We treasure the relationships God has created.

From Rebecca:

This week as Sharon and I work together on Rebecca's Journey (the book), I felt that these few paragraphs were good to share with you now. It is the introduction to what will be a section about prayer. I know that many of you pray for me and have for all these years. Your faithfulness has made us companions in the journey. Such an adventure of faith and knowing the Father and His ways! Here is the introduction to "Prayer."


We learned this week of a clinical study of the molecular structure of people who are ill. The hypothesis is that some bodies have a molecular structure that lends itself to healing and recovery. The gentleman who talked to Susannah about this program asked her if her mother would be interested in participating in such a study.

What an interesting concept! What happens when we pray? As I write this, it will be five years in October since my accident. It has been 5 years of being soaked in the prayers of faithful people. I almost feel that my "molecular structure" has changed as a result of so many prayers. Sometimes we receive e-mails expressing almost disappointment that I'm not walking. But my continued progress is unprecedented, and unexplainable.

I feel there might be things in life better than walking. I feel so very privileged to be the constant recipient of the prayers of those who love me. And God is faithful, working...working...working. As we pray with thanksgiving, our confidence is not in what we see, but in the One who is faithful. In this next vignette, you will see when the prayers of the Father's people carried me through and made the difference.

I remember once - it was early in the morning and I had to go for what they said would be a painful examination. It was cold, and as I left the room, the nurse threw my prayer quilt over me. "You'll need this; its cold out there this morning." Later, I lay in the hospital corridor, waiting. I felt lonely and fearful. I managed to pull the quilt up a little, and as much as I was able, to snuggle up under it. Suddenly it swept over me, "I'm covered with the prayers of Your people, Lord." I knew you were praying, and all was peaceful.

I know that we all are praying for many. Let's be encouraged that those prayers are making such a difference. Father calls us to help one another by standing together in prayer.

Love from Rebecca and me,


PS In July Bill and Dorothy Leal will be here for two weeks. Dorothy is a writer and editor, who will help with the final editing of the book. Our hope is that the book will be ready to present to publishers by the end of the summer.