Friday, November 14, 2008

Rebecca's Journey - 107

November 14, 2008

It is a crystal clear autumn day. My little birds are busily eating at the peanut feeder. I'm sure that when the weather is like this the little guys want to eat often. Oh, Father, may I be the same!

We are all well! Please pray this month as preparations wind up for the European Prayer Breakfast, 2-3 December. We are also in the final stages before the release of my book, Falling into His Grace. It's an exciting time and we will shortly give you information for ordering the book. I trust it will be a blessing to you and to many.

For years the Lord has spoken to me about my mind. In Matthew 15, Jesus turned to Peter and said, "Get behind me Satan. You are not mindful of the things of God but of the things of man". I read this verse again the other morning and it has stayed with me ever since. Years ago I prayed, "Lord change my mind, and teach me what is good". Paul and I have known since we were young that the principle spiritual battleground is in our mind. It's there that the enemy places an impression, a word, or an accusation. I hate that the enemy often puts these thoughts in the first person? "I look really fat today." "I'm sure they are talking about me." "God must be angry with me." Oh Lord, give me Your mind, give me Your thoughts.

Jesus goes on and says, "To do the things of God you must lay down your life and take up your cross and follow Me." Could this be the way to have the mind of Christ? When I lay down my own way, lay down my own life, give up the struggle, the selfishness, or my own opinion, perhaps it is then that I can receive His mind.

In Ephesians 4 Paul says, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus..." Here Paul is talking about humility! To lay down my own way is an expression of this humility. It is pride that causes me to hold onto the things that I think. Pride KNOWS that I am right. Peter's pride that day KNEW that Jesus should never die.

Lord, give me Your mind. Show me when my thoughts are the thoughts of men. Teach me to lay down my own way and receive Your mind and Your thoughts.

Wow! I'm feeling such an urgency to have His mind and think His thoughts these days as we go into the holidays when the pace of life increases. I want to maintain His peace and His joy in the very center of my person. I desire to keep my focus on Him. Lord I ask You to take my pride give me opportunities to lay down my own way, and in that process give me Your mind and Your thoughts.

Love to all,