Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rebecca's Journey - 101

Dear Friends,

Rachel, Rebecca's new care-giver, arrived this morning. She is a delight! She and our other care-giver, Amber, have been friends for years. Annie is vacationing with her brothers in France. Susannah is in Macedonia signing her contract. She will move to the capital, Skopje, later this month to begin a new job working for the Macedonian Foreign Minister as their Representative to the European government. Her new boss wants her in Brussels every month - and we're not complaining!

From Rebecca: July has come and we have begun the lovely days of summer. (Our weather here in Belgium doesn't reflect our mood of warmth and sun, but I trust the sun will shine and the temperatures will rise before summer's end.) For many of you these weeks will provide opportunities for quiet days and some rest and recuperation from the busyness of winter's activity. This year Paul and I, and our household, will be here at home resting in our garden. We look forward to those days in August.

As we all come into these weeks there are two things I look forward to. The first is that there will be more time to spend in Father's presence. Isn't it wonderful to have time to just BE with Him; listening to His voice?

I was reminded of the second thing the other day. I was reading in ll Samuel, chapter 3. In verse 3 David had just begun his reign over Israel. One of his first acts was to ask if was there still someone from the house of Saul "to whom I may show the kindness of God?" We can look each day for the opportunity to reveal His love to those whom He sends.

Some years ago we took a vacation in Turkey. It had been planned as a special time away with the boys. As I came into the dining room there one morning, I greeted the waitress. I felt so aware that God was smiling on her. I spoke to her and loved on her, and her response was beautiful. As I walked away I thought: I may never see her again. What good is it when I can't share Jesus with her? Then the Lord spoke to me so clearly: "But I love her, and I want to show her My kindness today."

As you go wherever He leads you this summer, remember each day, simply by being who you are in Him, you may show His kindness to those who don't know Him yet. Let Him love them through you. And we will do the same here.

Stephen will be here late July, and we're so anxious to see him.

Much love from us both,

Rebecca and Paul