Monday, October 16, 2006

Rebecca's Journey - 79

16 October, 2006

My dear friends,

Please forgive me for being so long since our last communication. I have been in a difficult time. Paul was traveling in the States and there have been many changes here at the house. It took all of my energy. Paul is home now and I'm glad to say I'm better. During those weeks I found it hard to create or to think very clearly. I rested in your prayers and in the confidence that you were standing with me.

I held on to a thread! Through the years we have learned the principle that to get from Egypt (a place of bondage) to the Promised Land (a place of liberty, productivity, and responsibility) we must pass through the Wilderness (a place of testing). In the midst of difficult "seasons" the Lord asks us to cling to Him in confidence even when we don't sense Him, even when we feel alone and life is dark.

As we come through these "wildernesses" He is able to bring us into new provision and the abundance of the Promised Land. It helps a lot in these circumstances to have behind me the experience of years and an abiding knowledge of who He is, and of His faithfulness.

We had two new girls come at almost the same time. Such provision! However, six women in the house was indeed a houseful. It was a dark time for me. But the Lord helped us. Annie worked and got everything into a schedule which brought order and quietness to the house. Then Paul came home, and the visitors started (eight the first week after his arrival). But we were ready for them and it's been good.

Susannah returned from her month in the Balkans and now has gone back to the States for a month. Judy is cooking, Laura Beth and Lani are working hard, and Annie at the moment is back in France for some medical check-ups.

My physical strength diminished during this season, but is increasing again. My physical therapy is progressing again too. Donatienne, my physical therapist, and I feel your support.

Autumn is always our busiest season here. Paul will be going to North America again next week and will return for the European Prayer Breakfast at the end of November.

In December, we have twenty-one Israeli graduate students coming for four days. They are all students in Diplomacy. We'll introduce them to political leaders here and discuss EU/Israeli relations.

I am continuing to work on the book, "Rebecca's Journey". Laura Beth is now helping with this project.

What exciting days we live in - days of opportunity and challenge.

With all my love,


PS It won't be so long until you hear from me again.